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Frequently Asked Questions

  /  Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

+ - How can I Contact you for further information or other enquiries?

If for any reason you haven’t found the answer you were looking for, you can always contact us and our customer service team will get back to you.
Email Us – Submit a request 
Live chat – Available during office hours (Monday – Friday | 9:00am – 5:30pm UK GMT)

Watch Information

+ - How can I set the hour and/or date on my watch?

Setting the hour and/or time on your watch it is a very simple and easy process. Simply, pull out the crown of the watch (small knob on the side of the watch). Pulling it on the first stop will give you the option to adjust the date (if applicable), and by turning the crown clockwise or counter clockwise. By pulling the crown further out to the second stop, you will have the option to adjust the time, again with clockwise and counter clockwise motions. When the preferred date and or time is set just pull in the crown to the initial position and job done.

+ - What Movements are used in Maleo watches?

Maleo watches use Quarts Japanese Movement, which are known in the watch industry for their accurate time and their longer lifespan.

+ - What type of metal is used?

Most of our watch cases and straps are made out of stainless steel, making them last longer since they can bear normal wear and tear due to its harder compacity. Some specific models on the other hand are made out of alloy case, since it is lighter and it is preferred so that it will not be to heavy on the hand, especially for women watches.

+ - Are Maleo watches water resistant?

Maleo watches have a water resistance range of 3ATM to 5ATM.
In simpler terms, when a watch has a water resistance of 3ATM means that it can withstand light water such as rain, hand washing, or other contact with water. When a model with 5ATM water resistance is used, that means that it is suitable for swimming, fishing and other outdoors activities.
Please note, that water damage is not covered under warranty so water should be avoided as much as possible.

Order Information

+ - How much does the postage cost?

We offer to all of our clients free postage to all orders as well as express paid option. Express postage price depends on the destination country that the watch will be sent and can be seen in the checkout or cart pages after completing the country information.

+ - How long does it take for my item to arrive?

We dispatch all of our orders within the next working day of purchase, if the order has been received before 14:00pm UK GMT. Otherwise, for orders received after 14:00 UK GMT will be dispatched the following working day. For the free postage option orders are delivered within 7-10 working days, while for the express postage option, orders are delivered within 2 working days after they have been dispatched.

+ - Can I track my order and see where is my item?

Both free postage orders and Express postage orders will have their postage tracking number that you will be provided after your order has been dispatched via email. You can track your order through our Track your order page, by submitting the given tracking number.

+ - Can I cancel or change my order?

Of course, you can cancel or change your order but this has to be done as soon as possible and before the order has been dispatched. Get in touch with us via email or by completing the form in the contact us page if you would like to do so.


+ - Can I return a watch I have purchased?

You can return your purchased item if you feel it doesn’t suit or you are not happy with it, for a refund (at the purchase price bought) or exchange with another watch within 14 days of delivery. The return can only be accepted, if the original tags and/or factory tape has not removed, the watch hasn’t been sized and the watch have not been worn and used.


+ - Is my watch covered under warranty?

All Maleo watches are covered with a 24-month limited warranty starting from the date of purchase (from an authorized dealer) and covers manufacture defects such as watch parts or mechanics that do not work properly. In such case, the faulty watch will pe repaired or replaced with a new one.
The warranty does not however cover any water damage, accidental glass damage either by dropping of hitting, worn out batteries, normal wear and tear, strap damage, scratches or theft.
It is essential for the warranty to be valid and a claim will be possible, that the owner of the watch obtains the original proof of purchase.

24 Months